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The Spanish as a Foreign Language Program is endorsed by a Universidad de Concepción Decree. Click here to see the Decree aquí.

Our teaching task

Among the teaching activities, the ELE – UdeC program has developed a regular language course for foreign students that the University of Concepción receives each semester at different schools in the context of student mobility that characterizes the academy today. In recent years there has been an outstanding increase in mobility, to the extent that the course that used to be taught on an annual basis today is taught in a semester system. This gradual increase, along with the expansion of international relations that the University is strengthening by means of new agreements and strategic alliances, the significant increase in the internal relations among scholars outside of our institution and with foreign universities through I +D projects and through the development of graduate programs, allow us to envisage a growing interest in this program.

The program proposed here is intended to respond to this new reality. Along with the regular course, we have developed individualized language support activities for those regular students to whom the regular course is irrelevant given the advanced level of their proficiency in their second language. In addition, the diversity in the degree of proficiency in a language often requires different solutions, which makes more complex the process of designing courses or specific work programs. Under this proposal, the right conditions will be provided to offer a holistic response to the demands identified through a design adjusted to this purpose, combined with more efficient management and administration.