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Programa Español Como Lengua Extranjera

La precisión gramatical está en la práctica

Mejora tu competencia gramatical, a través de modernas actividades en línea

Theoretical and methodological fundaments


The theoretical and methodological approach that outlines the design and development of courses and materials offered by the program in Spanish as a Foreign Language, ELE-UDEC, is contextualized in the interdisciplinary field of Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL), specifically in the exploration of how to integrate remote platforms (E-learning) and blended learning (B-learning) to support the language-learning process. This arises from the need for efficient teaching methods in learning environments mediated by technology.

The main objective is to operationalize the proposed methodological principles for the design of learning environments in the context of language learning environments mediated by the use of technology.

The essential theoretical foundations are the methodology of the CALL interdiscipline and the methodological principles described by Doughty and Long (2003) to ensure optimal psycholinguistic environments for distance language learning.The methodological approaches that underpin the design and development of our platform, content and materials correspond to the task-based approach (Task-Based Language Teaching) and Collaborative Approach.

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